• MC3 Name: ACM

    The ACM (ACR)

  • Real Name: ACR

    ACM Iron sight.

  • Category: Assault Rifle
  • Ammunition:
    • Standard: 30-round magazine
    • Upgraded: 45-Round Magazine
  • Attachments:
    • Sights: Iron, Red Dot, Holographic, ACOG Scope, Thermal
    • Misc: Extended Mag, FMJ Bullet, Grip, Silencer, Flash Suppressor
  • Damage Rating: 5/10
  • Accuracy Rating: 710
  • Fire-rate Rating: 6/10 (800 RPM)
  • Mobility Rating: 4/10
  • Range Rating: 4/10


The ACM is a quite powerful rifle featured in MC3. it's moderate ranged, very modile and has high accuracy, damage and rate of fire.


The ACM is a very advantageful weapon in multiplayer being a replacment for the MC81. It is unlocked at rank 16



for 11,000 credits and is definitely worth its price. It has moderate range and is very mobile It also has relatively high accuracy, damage and rate of fire.




  • The weapon icon in game for the ACM (ACR) is actually an HK 416 but the model is an ACR. (from a Wikia Contributor)
  • It appears early in development it was going to be an HK 416 due to the pickup icon and was changed at the last minute to an ACR.

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