Bravo 1 (known as Bravo Company) is one of the only known regiments in the series.

Known Squads Edit

Providing Air support in the Gurdal Skies,The crew also made an appearance in Operation Blockbuster.Hawk 2 was shot down while headed for the 3rd watch tower.

Assigned to the regiment,the team only was seen with Bravo Company in Blood Sand and Raging Bird.

Known SoldiersEdit

  • Pvt Paterson (Alive)
  • Pvt Baker (Alive)
  • Sgt Crowe (Alive)
  • Pvt Paxton (Alive,later Deceased)
  • Pvt Green (Alive)
  • Pfc Garcia (Alive)
  • Pvt Jenkins (Deceased)
  • Pvt Walter (Alive)
  • Pvt Peter (Alive)

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