Hey, I'm listing hacks here so you would know

Speed HackEdit

Every hacker uses this. So frustrating!. Almost IMPOSSIBLE to kill.


Beaware when you kill them. They can't be killed. Note: get out of a match if you see them don't die. You'll never earn EXP. LOW rankers will need their SUPPORT when killing HIGH Rankers to Rank: 40-90. High rankers will not need SUPPORT when they have hacks most likely Speed hacks & unli ammo.

Ammo HackEdit

Becareful when facing this monsters they will get you. But be also careful when your facing ROCKET LAUNCHERs & GRENADE LAUNCHERs. Impossible to kill if you throw a grenade. Some hackers that have speed hacks have triple hacks like military support or GODMODE ETC.

Military Support HackEdit

When facing players like this Becareful to there Military Supports they might have UNLI satellite scan,Bomber,Turret Deployment,Helicopters,& Air Strikes.

I diagnosed it a while ago. Pls. Don't Use Hacks! Youll Ruin The Game & GameLoft Will Ban you. Don't come knocking at my door to Pwn me. I'll blow your goddam head OFF. Seriously, I'll DO IT.