• MC3 Name: KT-44
  • Real Name: AK-47
  • Category: Assault Rifle
  • Ammunition:
    • Standard: 30-round magazine
    • Upgraded: 45-Round Magazine
  • Attachments:
    • Sights: Iron, Red Dot, Holographic, ACOG Scope, Thermal
    • Misc: Extended Mag, FMJ Bullet, Grip, Silencer, Flash Suppressor
  • Damage Rating: 6/10 (?-?-? Hit Kill Point Blank) (legs -body - head)
  • 'Accuracy Rating: 4/10
  • Fire-rate Rating: 6/10 (600 RPM)
  • Mobility Rating: 6/10
  • Range Rating: 2/10


The KT-44 is a very reliable assault rifle. Its real life example, the AK-47 (also known as Kalashnikov), was developed 1949 in the USSR. &nbsp It is still in use and one of the most popular guns world-wide. The KT-44 combines high damage and mobility. In campaign mode the gun can be picked up from KPR troops.


The KT-44 is unlocked at rank 28, it has very high damage and mobility but horrible recoil and low range. You can easily poop on the floor with it. The gun is good for close and medium range combat.


The KT-44 is available in Operation Blockbuster with a grip and a red dot sight,Martyrdom with a red dot,Blood Sand which is dropped by KPR Noobs(Troops),and in Chaos Factory.However in Chaos Factory,the KT-44 is near the player at the C4 planting area.The KT-44 is recommended with red dot and grip because the iron sights are a little bit horrible and the recoil is extremely CRAZY.Yet The Shred-4 has a littler recoil than the KT-44,but it goes of the target.The KT-44 can a little bit hidden to some players in campaign.


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