Private Torres(Pvt Torres)is an Anvil 1 Trooper and the partner of Private First Class Mendoza.he was seen in Operation Blockbuster protecting Mendoza and later waiting for Medi-Vac with him.

Operation BlockbusterEdit

   "This Pvt Torres."

-Pvt Torres during Operation Blockbuster.

Captain Turner and Corporal James Walker head towards a building that fell and they meet up with Pvt Torres who is protecting an injured PFC Mendoza.Walker takes a Rampage 4 and takes out 2 pillars that make the Skyway near them fall on the KPR tank.

Thunder HillEdit

  "Let's show these son of a bitches what happens when they invade our country."

-Pvt Torres during Thunder Hill.

Pvt Torres was never seen in Thunder Hill,But was only heard on a radio talking to Captain Turner.He was never seen with his original partner and was never seen after that.

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