• IMG 0002

    The TZ4-Compakt (MC3 for iPhone)

    MC3 Name: TZ4-Compakt
  • Real Name: M4A1
  • Category: Assault Rifle
  • Ammunition:
    • Standard: 30-round magazine
    • Upgraded: 45-round magazine
  • Attachments:
    • Sights: Red Dot, Holographic, ACOG, Thermal
    • Misc: Grip, Extended Mag, FMJ bullet, Silencer, Flash Suppressor
  • Damage Rating: 4/10
  • Accuracy Rating: 7/10
  • Fire rate Rating:
    IMG 0011

    Iron-Sights Mode

  • Mobility Rating: 4/10
  • Range Rating: 5/10


The TZ4-Compakt is an accurate assault rifle. It is similar to the Bravel-1, although it is much better in terms of actual firing. It is slow-firing, and you move relatively slowly with it equipped.


The TZ4 Compakt is available in Missions 3 and 10. It is

The M4A1 (Real-life counterpart to the TZ4-Compakt)

never seen in the other missions, except for the Shooting range.