The IMI Desert Eagle.

MC3 Name: Vulture

Real name: IMI Desert Eagle

Category: Handgun

Damage: 6/10 (3/2/ hit kill (long/short ranges, One hit kill for a headshot, or a 2 shot kill headshot if enemy has armour elite.

Accuracy: 6/10

Fire Rate: 7/10

Mobility: 5/10

Range: 3/10

Magazine: 10 rounds (15 w/ ext. mag)


The Vulture handgun is one of the best handguns availiable, due to its combination of low weight, quick reload, and two-hit killing power at most effective ranges. Most players use it with either a silencer or extended magazine, the former because the Vulture has more than enough damage, and the latter to improve the small clip for killstreaking and offering better suppressing fire. Alongside the Rampage, this gun is one of the most effectively used secondary weapons, fulfilling its role perfectly; not a replacement for the primary weapon, but capable to serve as one if the situation requires.