• MC3 Name: ZN-6 Prototype
  • Real Name: HK XM8
  • Category: ASSUALT RIFLE
  • Ammunition:
    • Standard: 30-round magazine
    • Upgraded: 45-round magazine
  • Attachments:
    • Sights: Red Dot, Holographic, ACOG, Thermal
    • Misc: Extended Mag, FMJ bullet, Stock, Flash Suppressor, Silencer
    • Damage: 4/10[1]ZN6-Prototype(XM8)Added by SHiftER20
    • Accuracy: 7/10
    • Fire Rate: 7/10
    • Mobility: 4/10
    • Range: 5/10


The ZN-6 Prototype is a quite average weapon. But it has a high accuracy for an assualt rifle, matched by the ACM and the TZ4- Compakt rifles. It has average damage and has the highest fire rate among the assualt rifles. It's mobility is average and has the highest range among the assualt rifles, matched by the TZ4- Compakt. It is very similar to the TZ4- Compakt. Only winning in the fire rate. It has very low recoil, rising slowly and to the top right. It is a rare weapon and can only be found in the later missions of the campaign.


The ZN6 is the preffered assualt rifle for high leveled players. It costs 22,000 credits to unlock. It is the last primary weapon to be unlocked, which is at level 70. It has a medium reload speed, and is not advised to be used in close quarters combat with a half magazine, as the other players using TZ4 or the Maiden has a higher reload rate.


Like many other FPS games, the XM8 (ZN6 in MC3) use Iron sights instead of its standard red dot sight.